The purpose of SKS is to provide financial support through a sisterhood bond. This applies per the guidelines of the fund following the bereavement of a KWITU SKS member or her covered persons.

KWITU, Inc. is a non-governmental organization established in 2015.

Our goal is to connect, empower and support the Kenyan Women Living in the USA and Canada.
KWITU, Inc. also provides opportunities for Kenyan women in the USA and Canada to connect via social media platforms, workshops, networking meetups, cultural events, community enrichment programs and annual grand reunions. We have created a safe environment for women to discuss issues that affect the Kenyan women in the USA, and Kenya.


The purpose of SKS is to provide financial support through a sisterhood bond. This applies per the guidelines of the fund following the bereavement of a covered Member.injustices against women. Provide information, guidance and support services for women arriving from Kenya in the USA.
The exclusive membership to KWITU, Inc. brings unparalleled opportunities to all members irrespective of social status, educational level, and occupation. By joining KWITU, Inc., members will receive opportunities for professional development, networking with peers, economic & social support, and access to our private member’s only benefits!
KWITU, Inc. members are required to enroll in Sisi Kwa Sisi (SKS), Benevolent Welfare Fund. This project is mandatory for ALL KWITU, Inc. members.


Our mission is to mobilize financial support to SISIKWASISI members in good standing per the statutes of the fund following bereavement of a Covered member. To the bereaved Families, we offer our heartfelt Condolences and Thoughts!

Empowerment & Social Support

Women are the core of the society and economy. Hence, they are entitled to develop professionally in a safe environment. They contribute immensely to the development of not only their family but also the society and country.
KWITU is committed to empowering its members and respective families by promoting equality and equal access to opportunities across our various platforms.

Peace Of Mind and Member Support

Funeral expenses can be extremely expensive.
As a member of SKS, we will stand with you following bereavement of any of your covered person.

Access to KWITU INC Investment

As a member in good standing, you will have access to join our KWITU Game Changers Investment Club where our goal is to empower Kenyan women in the U.S. and Canada through investments that will enable them to attain their financial goals and become self-reliant. This initiative will be voluntary for members of KWITU, Inc.

Membership Requirement

Membership shall be open to all who are one or more of the following:

Registration Fees

KWITU INC Registration Fee is $100 (Subject to change at anytime) Registration fee is Non Refundable

Bereavement Contributions:

Payments will be as follows in the event of death.

Self (Registered KWITU INC member) $30

Covered immediate family member $15

If two covered persons die at the SAME TIME, SKS Member contribution will be $70 ($35 per person). However, the Member contribution period will be extended to fourteen (14) days.

KWITU INC- Code Of Conduct

For department specific questions, please direct your questions to the right emails.

Technical support with member platform- Create a support ticket here
KWITU Game Changers Investment Club- [email protected]